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Villa Riso Cultural Center has been, since its creation, an open arena for several kinds of cultural events that promote and spread Brazilian culture.

Villa Riso Cultural Productions amounts to four years of success in enterprises involving the creation, production, promotion and advertisement of events in areas such as music and research, as well as cooking and the editorial market. Our record contains a short résumé with the most important events.

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· August
Raul Gimenez and Andres Maspero at a benefit recital
· September
Pianist Andres Roig
. October
Recital for the winner of the Teatro Municipal of Niterói “Franz Liszt” contest.


. October
National Johann Sebastian Bach Piano Contest
The non-profit Elan Vital Educational Association presents Maharaji Knowledge


· May
Concerto with Pianist Eduardo Boechat’s Orchestra.
At the UFRJ Music School, the promotion of the concert had support from Villa do Riso Cultural Center. Show by visual artists: Mariana Machado and Rosaly Galera. Vernissage by the Visual Artist Francis Pontes de Miranda with poetry recital by Paulo Cesar Feital the actor.

· June
Recital by pianist Nelson Freire at Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro. Graduation Recital by Pianista Leandro Oliveira, resident artist at Villa Riso Cultural Center. The Program includes works by Santoro, Beethoven, Chopin and Prokofieff. AMBA Project and Arapoty institute issue an invitation to the meeting “Tradições da terra” with members of the indigenous tribes Krenak, Guarani, Kariri, Pataxó and Maxinawa with dances, bonfire talks, handcraft and lecture by Kaka Wera – jecupe Show by Visual Artist Francis Pontes de Miranda. Vernissage by Visual Artist Viviane Villa Lobos.
· October
Italy week opening with the display “Os Arlequins” by artist Laura Lodigiani at the Ingá Museum. Play and dinner at Villa Riso. Premiere of the play “Pepita, stories with tortillas” with Pepita Rodrigues, who is back on stage in this play that premiered in Septembre in Florida achieving great success both with audience and critics. Recital by pianist Gisela Herb in benefit of SOS Kinderdorf Internacional.
· November
Recital by pianist Carol Murta Ribeiro in benefit of the restoration work of São Conrado church. Villa Riso supporting the National contest Frederic Chopin, which took place in Niterói and offered as prizes for first and second places a concerto at Villa Riso with a 500,00 reais cache for each contestant.


Congado Celebration Márcio Montarroyos
This CD accomplishes the improbable: it unites the best of instrumental music, jazz and “field” research on Brazilian folk production, mainly from the Minas Gerais country side. The renowned trumpet player Márcio Montarroyos, after a time without publishing any solo productions, makes a reéntre in big style: an international quality CD, with great acoustics, a great “kitchen”, some of the most highly esteemed musicians in the national musical scene, and a bold graphic designer. All of this, combined with this artist’s elaborate aesthetic awareness, renders the sound in this CD original enough to be appreciated.


- Carlos Gomes – O Guarani by Silvio Barbato
This Villa Riso production, sponsored by Fundação Banco do Brasil in partnership with Fundação José Bonifácio and UFRJ’s Fórum de Ciência e Cultura aims at editing the critical version of the opera “O Guarani” by Brazilian compositor Carlos Gomes. This edition is paramount for the recovery of Brazilian memories; the score, after several publications, has lost some parts of the original, beside some structural details. Conductor Silvio Borbato applied himself to this work and accomplished a full re-edition, shaping the opera into a completely new vision and a new approach: a deep musicological work deserving of Villa Riso’s full support.


- IBM – Villa Riso International Concertos
In the busy musical calendar during the year 1996 in Rio de Janeiro, a series stood out by its elegance, its quality and the comfort provided to the concerto audience: The Villa Riso Concertos series, sponsored by IBM. It received the title Concert of the Year for the opening night from several specialized publications.
In fact, the series stood out for two reasons: the high artistic level of the performers, the round acoustics, the serenity and safety provided by Villa Riso. During the intermissions, everyone was invited to taste a good wine offered by Villa Riso; after the concertos, there was the option of staying for a nice dinner, along with the artists.
The series was composed of four concertos. The first one with Pavel Gililov and Boris Pergamenschikov, Piano and Cello, prize-winning artists with a busy international career. In the second concerto, the expressive and elegant tenor Alan Bannet, accompanied at the piano by Leonard Hokanson, a great virtuoso, executed the rare cycle Die Schöne Müllerin, D.795 by Schubert. Boris Bergman was in charge of the third program. Bergman is a pianist and a teacher graduated from the famous Russian piano school, with a program that took the audience’s breath away. And lastly, having the beautiful pianist Paula de Matta as a solist, and Pedro Boéssio as guest conductor, an Orchestra created especially for the series closed this successful international series in a high note.

Brazil a cook’s tour by Cristopher Idone
Cristopher Idone is the author of prize-winning and best-selling books on cooking and entertainment such as: Glorious Food, Glorious American Food, Cooking Caribe, Lemons and Apples. His articles have come out on the greatest and most important publications, including Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, HG and The New York Times Magazine, among others. Brazil a cook’s tour was his seventh book.
In it the reader goes through an extraordinary gastronomical voyage, unveiling many culinary manifestations and the varied lifestyles behind them. Starting in São Paulo and moving into Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Amazônia e Minas Gerais, Cristopher explores the public fairs, the local markets, the food houses, and the restaurants from several areas with their different culinary influences. All of this illustrated by more than 125 pictures of authentic national dishes such as feijoada, tutu à mineira, stew, and many sweets and desserts, as well as several triumphs of the Brazilian kitchen.
Detailed recipes facilitate the making of the dishes, even in the North-American kitchen; an extended guide was added to the book informing where to obtain the ingredients for our delicious kitchen. It would be naïve, however, to call this a “recipe book”, the recipes and pictures of the national dishes are given between passages of Christopher’s travel journal, with amazing descriptions, such as the moment when he describes a traditional feijoada as much more than a dish, as a social event; or when he describes the fairs and the revéillon in Rio de Janeiro…
Besides that, Christopher investigates typical fruits, unknown to the rest of the world, tastes dishes served in outdoor stands e visits the largest tourist destinations in the country. With a vibrant style, fancy editing and imaging, and recipes written by someone with real expertise and enjoyment of their work, this book is a gift for those who travel, as well as anyone else interested in learning about this aspect of the rich and diverse Brazilian culture.
Production of the Brazilian Edition: Villa Riso.


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