By hiring the services provided by Villa Riso you will be counting on an expert team, who will deal with every detail in a special way to create an exclusive and unique event with help from:

Food and drinks manager, coordinators and assistants, governess, hosts, chefs, maître, barman, waiters and waitresses, valets, security guards and general maintenance.

Exclusive access to the space and to the parking lot. Air conditioning with its own generator, dishes and cutlery (crystal and silver), tables, chairs, exclusive towels, floral arrangements, and the house’s own buffet service. You shall have the best professionals available in terms of: live music or digital sound (disco), lounges, illuminated dance floors, big screen, photo and video, invitations, cakes, candies and chocolates.

Villa Riso also gives you the option of taking all the infrastructure, including the staff, to the place of your choice, uniting tradition to a high quality standard.

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Blue Prints (Download PDF):

B: Ferreira Viana Room – 2nd floor

E: Oswaldo Riso Room – 1st floor

G: Art Gallery – 1st floor

I: Mangueira Terrace – 1st floor

F: Palm Tree Terrace – 2nd floor

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